Almont Vineyard Church

Small Groups

Small GroupsWhat is a “Small Group”?
No, it’s not a cult and you don’t have to do any ritual dances. It’s a safe place where a group of people get together and discuss a book out of the Bible or other material as it pertains to God’s Word. You do not need to be a theologian or a bible scholar to come to a small group. Most groups have coffee and snacks, but some groups share a meal each week- sign me up for that one-lol! Groups are made up with ordinary people just like you… please consider joining a group.

Where do Small Groups meet?
Some small groups meet at the church and other groups meet in several homes located throughout the surrounding community.

Why Small Group?
Traditionally, many churches had a mid-week service; usually on Wednesday’s… some still hold to this tradition, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, smaller groups, (usually made up of 5-12 individuals), provide a more intimate atmosphere, where relationships and bonds are more easily created.  You will enjoy a more relaxed environment where you are free to kick back and be yourself.

When do Small Groups meet?
We start our small group ministries in September and the groups typically run until May. Some groups may complete two studies within that time.  We offer a variety of groups to disciple people in the area they feel called to.
If you’re going to a small group for the first time, we recommend you call the group leader to find out any details you may need.

Small Groups usually begin in October. Find study topics on the AVC Facebook page