Almont Vineyard Church


Greeting AVC Family & Guests,

People have many different opinions about COVID-19, politically and spiritually. AVC is not the debate stage, and we respect your opinion about this Pandemic we are in. We come to Church to be fed Spiritually; so let’s concentrate on worshiping the Living God, and leave the chaos and distractions at the door. We all have Christ in common and we will not allow Satan to attempt to divide us. We are the Almont Vineyard Church Family and in Unity we Stand Strong Together!

The Bible says its God’s kindness that leads people to Jesus; and we should consider others above ourselves. Given this, we must show people love, dignity, and respect. What does this mean? People have been impacted by COVID-19 all differently; some have lost loved ones or personally know someone who has. Some are working in the front lines and have witnessed some tragic scenes. Businesses and families have hit unprecedented times… that is all real.

So, here is how we are going to show the Love of Christ to our Church Family:

  1. Social Distancing will be managed by YOU and YOUR Family.
    Practice it… if not for you, for the respect of others.
  2. Give Fist pumps or Elbows
    …in place of handshakes.
  3. MASKS – NOT mandatory
    But welcomed if you want to wear one. (We will have one should you forget yours)
    Please sit next to family or friends you have permission to sit by. Without permission please leave a chair in between yourself and others.
  5. If you are Sick, Symptomatic, or High Risk
    We encourage you to please STAY HOME and watch our Live service.
  6. Please BE PATIENT
    …as we do not have all of this figured out. We will adjust things as needed and as we learn.

Other (previous) FAQ’s

  1. Are we going to take temperatures at the door?
    NO, but if you have a temperature please stay home.
  2. Should I come to church if I am an AT RISK individual?
    Personal Choice, but we recommend you pray and think about this and talk to your doctor. It is recommended that at-risk individuals stay away from public gatherings.
  3. Are we having Children’s Ministries?
    Children’s Ministry will begin June 28th… (But off July 5th)
  4. Are we having coffee?
    Yes, but new guidelines and distribution of coffee will be in place.
  5. Will chairs, surfaces, and all areas of the church be cleaned for each service?
    Yes, we have developed a cleaning plan that will cover & disinfect areas that are touched, sat on… etc.… (Every Week & each time an area of the building is used)
  6. Will we be having Communion?
    Yes, but in a new way with pre-made cups.
  7. Will we continue to do Services on Facebook Live?
    Yes, we will continue our live social media feed and post sermons weekly.

We will have trained Hospitality, Greeters, Security & Ushers at each service to help make everyone comfortable. We look so forward to seeing you.
If you have ANY questions please call the Church Office.

In the Love of Christ,
Rev. Brad Standfest
Almont Vineyard Church Board